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Water Filtration

Water is life

Water is a precious and exhaustible commodity. Handling this resource responsibly so that everyone on earth has access to clean water means saving water, also recycling and treating it, thus restoring and sustaining the water cycle.

MANN+HUMMEL develops and produces membranes and systems for a wide variety of applications: ultrafiltration, bio-membrane reactors, reverse osmosis.

For water treatment in isolated rural communities, for resorts and housing complexes, in mining, the oil and gas sectors, power stations, semi-conductor production facilities, the chemical processing industry … the list goes on and on … membrane experts, simulation specialists and plastic engineers from MANN+HUMMEL are constantly working to make more clean water go further.

Hifi Filters carry a large range of water filter cartridges as well as various filter housings for both domestic and commercial water and liquid filtration. The range includes pleated, polyprooylene,active carbon, quartz and stainless steel media.Housings are available in both PET and Stainless Steel with flow rates of up to 500 litres per minute. 

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